SMG Pneumatic Pipe End Chamfering Machine Tool

The SMG Pneumatic Pipe End Chamfering Machine Tool is a mounted portable pipe beveling machine. Designed with a lightweight structure for easy operations and optimal performance. A draw nut is tightened which expands the mandrel blocks up a ramp and against the id surface for positive mounting, self-centered and squared to the bore. It can work with various material pipe, beveling angel as per requirements

Like with all SMG products, this machine is designed to be lightweight and requires minimal radial space, and extremely easy to operate. By tightening the draw nut, you can expand the mandrel block up a ramp and against the ID surface for positive mounting, self-centered and squared to the bore. It can work with various pipe materials, beveling angles as per your specific requirements.


Power Supply: 0.6-0.8 MPa @ 900-1500 L/min

   Model No.  Working RangeWall thicknessRotation SpeedAir PressureAir Consumption
SMG-30φ18-30    1/2”-3/4” ≤15mm60 r/min0.6 MPa900 L/min
SMG-80φ28-89   1”-3”≤15mm50 r/min0.6 MPa900 L/min
SMG-120φ40-120   11/4”-4”≤15mm38 r/min0.6 MPa900 L/min
SMG-159φ65-159  21/2”-5”≤20mm35 r/min0.6 MPa1000 L/min
SMG-252-1φ80-273  3”-10”≤20mm16 r/min0.6 MPa1000 L/min
SMG-252-2 φ80-273  ≤75mm16 r/min0.6 MPa1000 L/min
SMG-352-1   φ150-356   6”-14”≤20mm14 r/min0.7 MPa1200 L/min
SMG-352-2  φ150-356   ≤75mm14 r/min0.7 MPa1200 L/min
SMG-426-1 φ273-426  10”-16”≤20mm12 r/min0.7 MPa1500 L/min
SMG-426-2φ273-426  ≤75mm12 r/min0.7 MPa1500 L/min
SMG-630-1φ300-630  12”-24”≤20mm10 r/min0.7 MPa1500 L/min
SMG-630-2φ300-630 ≤75mm10 r/min0.7 MPa1500 L/min
SMG-850-1φ490-850 24”-34”≤20mm9 r/min0.8 MPa1500 L/min
SMG-850-2φ490-850 ≤75mm9 r/min0.8 MPa1500 L/min

Note: Standard machines include:
– 3 pcs of bevel tool (0 ,30,37.5 degree)
– Tools
– Operation Manual


1.Portable with light weight.
2. Compact machine design for easy operation and maintenance
3. Bevel tools milling with high previous and stable performance
4. Available for metal material such as carbon steel, stainless steel, Ally etc.
5. Adjustable speed, self-centering
6. Powerful driven with option of Pneumatic, Electric.
7. Bevel angel and joint could be made as per processing needs.







Weight10.00 kg

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