SMG Pneumatic Pipe Cold Cutting and Beveling Machine

Steel Machinery Group offers the latest products in cutting and beveling machinery. Our products are designed to produce quality results at very competitive prices.
The SMG-457-OCP Pneumatic Pipe Cold Cutting and Beveling Machine features a lightweight structure, minimal radial and axial clearance, can separate into two half-suited for complicated site conditions.

This series features a portable od-mounted frame type pipe cold cutting and beveling machine. Like with all SMG products, this machine is designed to be lightweight and requires minimal radial space, and extremely easy to operate. With its split frame design, it separates the mount of the in-line pipe for a more stable and stronger clamping, therefore allowing simultaneous process cutting and bevelling.  


Power Supply: 0.6-1.0 @1500-2000L/min    

Model No.Working Range        Wall ThicknessRotation SpeedAir PressureAir Consumption
SMG-89-OCPφ 25-893/4‘’-3‘’≤35mm50 r/min0.6~1.0MPa1500 L/min
SMG-159-OCPφ50-1592‘’-5‘’≤35mm21 r/min0.6~1.0MPa1500 L/min
SMG-168-OCPφ50-1682‘’-6‘’≤35mm21 r/min0.6~1.0MPa1500 L/min
SMG-230-OCPφ80-2303‘’-8‘’≤35mm20 r/min0.6~1.0MPa1500 L/min
SMG-275-OCPφ125-2755‘’-10‘’≤35mm20 r/min0.6~1.0MPa1500 L/min
SMG-305-OCPφ150-3056‘’-10‘’≤35mm18 r/min0.6~1.0MPa1500 L/min
SMG-325-OCPφ168-3256‘’-12‘’≤35mm16 r/min0.6~1.0MPa1500 L/min
SMG-377-OCPφ219-3778‘’-14‘’≤35mm13 r/min0.6~1.0MPa1500 L/min
SMG-426-OCPφ273-42610‘’-16‘’≤35mm12 r/min0.6~1.0MPa1800 L/min
SMG-457-OCPφ300-45712‘’-18‘’≤35mm12 r/min0.6~1.0MPa1800 L/min
SMG-508-OCPφ355-50814‘’-20‘’≤35mm12 r/min0.6~1.0MPa1800 L/min
SMG-560-OCPφ400-56016‘’-22‘’≤35mm12 r/min0.6~1.0MPa1800 L/min
SMG-610-OCPφ457-61018‘’-24‘’≤35mm11 r/min0.6~1.0MPa1800 L/min
SMG-630-OCPφ480-63020‘’-24‘’≤35mm11 r/min0.6~1.0MPa1800 L/min
SMG-660-OCPφ508-66020‘’-26‘’≤35mm11 r/min0.6~1.0MPa1800 L/min
SMG-715-OCPφ560-71522‘’-28‘’≤35mm11 r/min0.6~1.0MPa1800 L/min
SMG-762-OCPφ600-76224‘’-30‘’≤35mm11 r/min0.6~1.0MPa2000 L/min
SMG-830-OCPφ660-81326‘’-32‘’≤35mm10 r/min0.6~1.0MPa2000 L/min
SMG-914-OCPφ762-91430‘’-36‘’≤35mm10 r/min0.6~1.0MPa2000 L/min
SMG-1066-OCPφ914-106636‘’-42‘’≤35mm9 r/min0.6~1.0MPa2000 L/min
SMG-1230-OCPφ1066-123042‘’-48‘’≤35mm8 r/min0.6~1.0MPa2000 L/min

Note: Standard machine packaging including :
– 2 pcs cutter
– 2 pcs of bevel tool
– Tools
– Operation manual


1. Low axial and radial clearance lightweight suitable for working at a narrow and complicated site
2. Split frame design can separate to 2 half, easy to process when two ends not open
3. This machine can process cold cutting and beveling simultaneously
4. With an option for electric, Pneumatic, Hydraulic, CNC based on site condition
5. Tool feed automatically with Low noise, long life and stable performance
6. Cold working without Spark, Will not affect the pipe material
7. Can process different pipe material: Carbon steel, stainless steel, alloys etc.
8. Explosion Proof, Simple structure makes easy to maintenance


Weight10.00 kg

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